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Státní znak České republiky

Česká republika

Czech Republic

Tschechische Republik



Western city Šiklův mlýn - Zvole nad Pernštejnem (Žďár nad Sázavou a Žďáské vrchy)


Šiklův Mlýn
592 56 Zvole


+420 602 750 130


+420 566 567 400






Šiklův Mlýn is the biggest natural western park in the Czech Republic. All range offer cowboy-program for all family. Šiklův Mlýn which sits in the beautiful valley of the Borůvka brook in the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands. It is an ideal place for both hiking and cycling as well as for winter cross-country and downhill skiing.

Anyone can try their hand at various cowboys? and gold miners? crafts for themselves.

Electric Bull Riding
Try out your skill and strength riding the electric bull. On its back you will feel like a real cowboy taming a wild bronco.

Cowboy Whip Cracking
At one time the whip used to be an inherent part of every cowboy. Whip cracking helped move herds of cattle from one location to another. The sound of the whip comes from a short, specifically woven string at the end of the whip, which, when properly used, exceeds the speed of sound and cracks (breaks the sound barrier and we hear a small sonic boom: the crack).

Handling the Lasso
The lasso was an important part of a cowboys? outfit as well. Cowboys use a lasso to catch both cattle and horses. It?s not easy to twirl a lasso properly and throw it, so the cowboys used to vie each other so long that a discipline called trick roping was developed and now lasso masters can really do some incredible things with the lasso.

Gold Mining
The craft of panning for gold in order to extract gold from creeks and rivers utilising a pan is another discipline that you can try out for yourself.

You can also enjoy a ride in a Wells - Fargo historic coach, scenic tours in a Union Pacific train, the ZOO, visit the gallery of the Wild West demonstrating settlement of America and also the creation of the Western Town. Feel for yourself what it was like to live 100 years ago by visiting the historic costumes shop. And if you prefer sitting in a pleasant location, we offer the services of our bars, cafés, steakhouse and other places all headed by the great Saloon.

Sports and Relaxation in the Park and Local Surroundings

Park: tennis courts, playground, aqua centre
Surroundings: bicycle paths, hiking, skiing

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